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Getting Started Smoking Meats: Most items (2-4 hours)

*You can google what internal temp. meats should be when they are ready

1. Pull meat from fridge and put preferred rub or seasoning on meat and leave out while doing steps 2-11

2. I Strongly recommend using a charcoal chimney starter about half to a quarter full that you'll pour on top of unlit coals in the charcoal basket. Another simple way to get started is shown in the video below using a small propane tank w/ torch or even an electric charcoal starter as seen in video.

3. For most common meats such as tri-tip and chicken you need about less than half of the charcoal basket full, just enough to cover the grate and then light from the middle. Again, see video below.

4. Once the coals in the middle of the basket to turn grey you can add your favorite types of wood chunks. I reccomend about 3 or 4 small chunks of Oak, Hickory or Apple.

5. With glove curved rod, carefully lift disc into barrel.

6. Put rods in their respective holes and if you are using grilling grate, place grilling grate on top of rods in barrel.

7. Cover barrel with lid, open 2” hole cover on lid (if you don’t have a jumbo chimney).

​8. You can google Meat Smoke Temps to find out how long most common meats should be smoked and what their safe internal temp. should be.